EMC / EMI Testing
We are an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and product safety test laboratory located in Vermont.
CE Product Testing
Accredited testing for the CE-Mark/FCC Declaration of Conformity on commercial, residential, industrial, scientific, medical, information-technology, measurement, control.

EMC Testing: GM Electromagnetics

We are an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and product safety test lab located in Vermont. Manufacturers can rely on GME for electronics products testing and compliance assurance for CE, FCC, and Military standards.

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The Company, Inc. Model Monitoring System Control Unit was experiencing lightning-induced transient susceptibility failure modes. The control unit was disassembled and compared with schematics and drawings…
A simple design for a pair of one-meter coils consists of ten turns each of #10 AWG copper wire housed in wooden boxes. Combined coil resistance is 1Ω. Per IEC 61000-4-8 Power Frequency Magnetic Field…
Here is a simple method for building a temporary screened chamber (Faraday Cage) required for radiated immunity testing. It can also provide ambient attenuation for radiated emissions pre-compliance. The…